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Comment from: Kelly [Visitor]
Great advice Suzanne! After being married for 20yrs I would say the best advice for newlyweds is not to try to change the other person. As you said, it only results in a lot of stress and resentment.

I'm a healthy eater and my hubby is a white sugar/flour devotee. We both do the cooking, but with a freezer full of wild game and only healthy grains & potatoes (new & sweet) in my pantry our meals are good no matter who makes them.

I think it all comes down to what's available to cook with in your house. I keep a great healthy variety on hand but there's no white sugar, white flour, corn syrup, fruit juices, canned veggies/fruits, etc.

I think another good idea is to make the healthy stuff taste good. I make all kinds of fresh veggie salads with the same basic dressing - grapeseed oil, light rice vinegar, honey, and seasonings. My husband gobbles up anything I put that on!

We both have a sweet tooth, but he knows whenever I make something sweet that it's healthy too. Of course that doesn't stop him from eating it!

Now all this doesn't stop my hubby from eating whatever he wants when he's not home. But that OK with me - I have no expectations of him. It's his body and he's an adult who is very capable of making decisions that will either hurt or help him. I figure that if he ever does want to change, he knows I'm here to help him.
04/29/11 @ 14:08

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