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Comment from: Beeky [Visitor]
Thank you for your wonderful story. Having to deal with an aging parent and placing her into a nursing home, was traumatic. Being an O, letting go of sadness and grief is as much hard work as exercise.

But out of this 10 year transition, my humor evolved... it's goofy! I wish my diet discipline was as well developed, but that will come. Goofy is with me.

God bless
01/23/11 @ 19:47
Comment from: Suzanne [Member] Email
A Christian friend whose opinion I highly value gently took me to task for the the last sentence in my blog that seemed to imply that all anger is pointless. Here is my response to her, and I hope it will restore the balance that was missing from the original blog

You are absolutely correct about righteous anger. God's anger over sin is part of the perfect agreement between His love and His justice. It never dawned on me that someone might interpret the blog that I thought all anger was wrong.

The biblical character I was thinking of was Jonah, who sat under the vine God provided saying, "I have a right to be angry." I was thinking of people I know who have held grudges for years, who say "I will never forgive him for that" or "I will never forget that she did this." That kind of anger is self destructive, and at the end of life the reason for all that anger doesn't matter.

People who have experienced tragedy - that's trickier. I been ripped off by scoundrels. I have many friends who have been cheated by a variety of people from ex spouses to con artists. I have a friend who was raped. I have a friend whose only child was murdered. They do indeed have a right to justice from the courts. They have a right to pursue the perpetrators even to the death pentalty where applicable. I would draw a line, however between pursuing justice and allowing anger to ferment inside for the rest of their lives. The friend whose child was murdered is in the process of publishing a book about how God has healed her heart and her husband's heart. They went through the trial and saw the murderers sentenced to life in prison. They also have allowed God to restore their joy and give them a whole new purpose in life.

Now, back to God's anger at sin. That is an anger we dare not ignore. Your example of false teachers who diabolically draw people away from God is a good one. That deserves an angry response and and a strong rebuke from God and from Christians who are charged with proclaiming the truth.

God is Holy. There is a penalty for sin - one that we cannot pay by good works or good intentions. The wages of sin is death. But Jesus paid my penalty for me, and the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.

The interesting thing about anger is how we justify our reasons for being angry with others, we are indignant when others are angry with us, and we presume that God will overlook our disobedience toward him.

01/26/11 @ 11:30

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